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Audrey Tautou is no stranger to whimsy — she starred in Amélie, after all — but she’s never made a movie quite like Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo. Truth be told, nobody has: In addition to an unusual story that finds Tautou’s character falling ill because of a water lily growing in her lungs, Gondry dresses up the movie around her withall manner of visual tricks, from stop-motion animation to bizarre-yet-practical special effects. Still, there may be no better effect in the movie than the impish sensibility that Tautou comes by quite naturally. Last week, she called up Vulture to discuss her love of Michel Gondry and problems with the red carpet.

There are so many creative special effects in Mood Indigo. Which was your favorite?
Maybe because I’m 7 years old, but I really love the special effect with the doorbell [where it crawls around and is smashed into several baby bells]. It’s so cute! I remember that I went to see the person who was to create the little baby bells, and she spent two days just painting them. They had to create maybe 15 to 20 of them, and all the animation took them two more days. It was really very interesting — there were so many wonderful things on this movie that it’s hard to pick just one.

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Here we go to first add the pictures I’ve saved in this month of July. I will go adding all missing events slowly.
You might have noticed a look change and this is temporarly because the previous layouts had both been badly hacked and I couldn’t clean them to keep on. Also there will no more be a candids section, why? Because I am a stalkerazzi-paparazzi free webmaster. They prejudice to the celebrities privacy and we want to support them not to knock them down. Imagine to be living in their shoes and have someone to photograph every single move you do. Terrible! This is an irrevocable decision so no comments or contacts will make me change my mind! It’s extreme, but due! Enjoy the HQs of the latest events from July in our gallery!

Gallery links:
Public Appearances > Public Appearances in 2014 > Jul 09: Paris Fashion Week – Vogue Foundation Gala
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Public Appearances > Public Appearances in 2014 > Jul 17: “Magic In The Moonlight” New York Premiere – Arrivals
Public Appearances > Public Appearances in 2014 > Jul 17: “Magic In The Moonlight” New York Premiere – After Party
Public Appearances > Public Appearances in 2014 > Jul 19: “Mood Indigo” New York Special Screening

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Hello everyone. My name is Claudia and I am the new owner of Audrey Tautou Fan. I am very happy to be having this opportunity and work on this beautiful site which has been for a long time the source for this talented actress. I am myself no stranger to fansites and french actress, being owner of! Will try to give all myself, like I did for Juliette and like I do for all my sites, and bring this site back to its light. But I’ve to ask you to please bare with me and be patient because this site has been abandoned for two years and not only there’s a lot to catch up, but also there’s a lot to fix. I am just coming now finally to fix the hack that hit it and made it full of malwares and during that we unfortunately lost files and pages. So please be patient but confident I’ll make it then! Check soon for more updates. Cheers, Claudia

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As a teenager, French actress Audrey Tautou fell in love with “L’Écume des Jours,” Boris Vian’s 1947 tragically romantic surreal novel.

“I felt so much more adult after reading this book. I was very moved, and I don’t know, I felt a relationship to this story and to the surrealism of this universe,” Tautou recalled.

Over the years Tautou, now 37, has found fame on both sides on the Atlantic thanks to her work in films from “Amelie” (2001) to “The Da Vinci Code” (2006). But, she said, she never thought she would get the chance to play Chloe, the lead female character in Vian’s novel.

“No, because in fact it was famously impossible for everyone to adapt this book,” she said. “So, I never thought one day somebody would be crazy enough to do it, because the book has all of this fantasy and this amazing imagination and images.”

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16 New pics of Romain and Audrey on the film set of Casse Tête Chinois have been added to the gallery.

x 010 – On Set – Sept 27, 2012
x 006 – On Set – Sept 26, 2012

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Finally, the trailer of Thérèse Desqueyroux is online!! You can watch it below on Youtube :

France Release Date : November 21, 2012

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More pictures on set of Casse-tête Chinois have been added to the gallery. Check them out!

x 017 – On Set – Sept 22, 2012
x 013 – On Set – Sept 21, 2012

AudreyFan   September 21st, 2012   Chinese Puzzle, Movies 1 Comment

I’ve uploaded 199 pictures of Audrey on set of Casse Tête Chinois yesterday in New York!

x 199 – On Set – Sept 20, 2012

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StudioCanal announce the beginning of the shooting of Cédric Klapisch’s new film, Casse Tête Chinois (a.k.a Chinese Puzzle).

8 years after Russian Dolls, Cédric Klapisch is about to shoot the 3rd part of his trilogy, to be released in cinemas in France on October 16th 2013. After Barcelona for L’auberge Espagnole, London and St-Petersburg for Russian Dolls, Cédric Klapisch this time will take his characters to New York City and Paris. This 3rd opus will give Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou, Cécile de France, Kelly Reilly, the cast whose adventures marked an entire generation, the chance to meet again.

Synopsis: Xavier (Romain Duris) is 40. Father of a family, he still finds his life very complicated. As Wendy, the mother of his 2 children, moves to New York City, Xavier cannot imagine living far away from the kids. So he decides to go there too and will face a real Chinese puzzle…

You can follow Cédric Klapisch on Twitter

Romain Duris was photographed 2 days ago while filming Chinese Puzzle in New York . Maybe some pictures of Audrey will surface soon!

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Hi!!! Audrey Tautou attended the “Therese Desqueyroux” premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival .
I’ve added 50 HQS of this event to the gallery . Thanks a lot Claudia for these pictures!

Therese Desqueyroux – TIFF 2012

I’ve put up a new gallery layout made by Kimberly. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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