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This site will be on a little temporary hiatus now since it’s time for me to go on HOLIDAYS! Yes, I will go on vacation to Spain for about three weeks, so there will be no updates until September 12. However, there’s still a lot to discover here on ATF such as the ever-growing gallery (currently counting 3625 files!) or the forum where a great Audrey fan community (currently 256 members!) will welcome you :)

Goodbye everyone! See you on September 12!

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Audrey’s upcoming movie Hors de Prix is currently in its production phase and the French magazine Premiere has published a reportage about the shoot. Thanks to the most wonderful Chloé I now got high quality scans of the July issue of Premiere!!! :)

The article is in French, but as soon as I find the time, I will translate it into English for you! However, for those of you who do not understand French, have a look nevertheless because the article features some very nice pictures of Audrey behind the scenes.

BUT I have something more for you: the new issue of the French magazine Studio also features a tiny little article about Hors de Prix. Both Chloé and Cassie were kind enough to provide me with some scans, so check them out!
Did I already mention that I LOVE contributions? ^^ Thanks a lot again, Chloé and Cassie!
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Today it’s all about Happenstance also known as Le battement d’ailes du papillon (The Beating of the Butterfly’s Wings). I have a lot of new media for you! :)

First of all, I have 230 screencaps of the movie thanks to JenR. She did a lot of caps, very detailled and in a very good quality, so check them out! Audrey looks very young in the movie, it was shot in 2000 and so she was 22 back then. I also uploaded five posters of the movie as well as two production stills.

Besides, you should also head over the the media section: I uploaded a very nice clip that shows the first scene of “Happenstance” and Audrey is very enchanting, as usual :) (Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Then click here!)

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I’m sure you remember the huge Audrey Tautou Birthday Project that Flo and I had launched back in July? Well, the card was sent and if everything went right, Audrey must have received our wishes by now – let’s hope for a response…

Flo has sent me pictures of the card and envelope now that you can watch over at the Birthday site – it’s a very very beautiful card and I am sure that Audrey liked it – so have a look at it ;)

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I finally managed to free another 13 photoshoot pictures from the watermarks! This time, it’s a series of photos taken by Gilles Marie Zimmerman. This photoshoot took place on April 1, 2006 and I think it was for the promotion of The Da Vinci Code. Enjoy!

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Again I have some updates for your concerning the site’s main content: the complete Site / Web area has been restored by me today. You can find all the necessary information about ATF there as well as the site’s affiliates and some link buttons.

The Contact page is also up, so if you want to contact Audrey, try your luck and tell us! :)

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Thanks to the wonderful Stacey I was able to get some really nice photoshoot pictures from “Contour Photos”. Today I uploaded the first of three photoshoots that I have for you :) It’s a session by photographer Friedmann Hauss (25 images) that took place in August 2004. The original pictures had huge watermarks on them, but I have spent some hours today to remove those watermarks and enhance the quality. I hope you don’t see any of the watermarks anymore ^_^

Check them out! Audrey looks absolutely FANTASTIC on those, I can tell you!
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Despite all the work on the content of the site, I also found some time to do a little gallery update again today!

There are:
4 new HQ pics from the Chanel Fashion Show
2 new images from the Gala Dinner Arrivals (Cannes)
3 pics from the “The Da Vinci Code” World Premiere (Cannes)

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It was the work of some days, but now you finally have the filmography section back! I even extended the section: you can now view information on every movie that Audrey took part in, also before her first big role in Venus Beauty Institute. It’s more detailled and extensive now, I hope you like it!
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It’s August 9, 2006 and therefore let’s say BONNE ANNIVERSAIRE to our one and only favorite actress, Audrey.

Many of your have already wished her a Happy Birthday through the Birthday Project that Flo and I have initiated. You can now view them all and read what others had said to Audrey and also what Flo and I have written her. :)

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