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Maybe some of you IMDb visitors remember that there were speculations about whether or not Audrey would start as Princess Sandrine in “Rush Hour 3″. Also Charlotte Gainsbourg was in talks, but now it is official that neither of them will appear in the movie: Noémie Lenoir will star as the female lead according to the French website Ados.

Thank God, Audrey didn’t take that role in “Rush Hour 3″ :)

Hello everyone! Why don’t you have a look at the Audrey Tautou Boards? I changed the layout, it’s not a huge change, but there is a new header and some tiny changes with the colors. I really like this theme, that’s why I didn’t change it that much. However, I hope you like the new style! :)

And hey, why don’t you join? It’s a lotta fun over there!

Since the database crash the press section has been kinda empty and I thought it’s time to change that now, finally! To make a first step I added three reviews for Audrey’s latest movie, The Da Vinci Code. The reviews are from the Sunday Morning Herald, Monsters & Critics and BBC News. More to come! :)

If you got ANY articles or written interviews or reviews on Audrey (maybe you saved some of those that I had on ATF before the database crash…?) don’t hesitate to either email me or post it in the comments! Thanks!

Hello everyone! Another gallery update today: thanks to Chloé who has provided me with lots of amazing magazine scans last month I have some very nice new stuff for you!

First of all you should have a look at the 20 new scans from the Studio July 2004 issue. It featured this great article on A Very Long Engagement and it includes some exclusive photos from behind the scenes! And then check out the three Premiere (July 2005 issue) scans! Thanks again, Chloé! :)

Today I got some multimedia for you! I uploaded the trailers for The Spanish Apartment and The Lost Seamen. As usual, you can download them as zip-files! Visit the trailer section to download the trailers! :)

I am proud to announce that with this update, the trailer section is complete! You can now find all trailers for Audrey’s movies there :)

After two months without a POTM voting, I am glad to announce that the Picture of the Month is back again! September’s POTM is what actually should have been July’s POTM, but as you know there was the database problem with WordPress back when ATF got a domain. However, four pictures of an unknown photoshoot (as you voted) have been uploaded to the gallery as September’s POTM.

And now vote for October! :)

HELLO everyone! I am back from my vacation in Spain and I really enjoyed it – I’m all motivated and eager to keep ATF up-to-date again and you Audrey Fans happy! :)

As many of you probably already know the release date for the anticipated Da Vinci Code DVD has been announced! Audrey Fans, mark November 14 in your calendars! Sony will release four different DVDs:

Full-Screen Special Edition DVD ($29.96)
Widescreen Special Edition DVD ($29.96)
Gift Set DVD ($80.95)
UMD ($28.95)

There will be a LOT of specials, too, like a “Who is Sophie Neveu?” Featurette, so we can expect many many new scenes and film material with Audrey! YAY! For a complete list of the DVD bonus material, click here. The DVD covers can be viewed over at the gallery!