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Finally! The first one-sheet for Hors de Prix has been released and I immediately uploaded it to the gallery. It’s really very beautiful, I think. Thanks to Bouba for the heads-up!
Yesterday I bought the November issue of the German Vogue to scan some amazing pictures of Audrey: they’re from a photoshoot taken by Mark Abrahams for Vogue and the pictures are absolutely fantastic, really! I scanned the complete article for you and uploaded pictures in HQ and UHQ. So please everyone, check them out!!!

I will translate the article as soon as I can, so that everyone will be able to read it :)

Besides, as you might have noticed already, I made a new layout for the site. It features the Vogue scans and I hope you like it… ;)
New production stills for Hors de Prix have been uploaded to the gallery today and everyone who is only as half as curious to see the movie should definitely have a look at them! ;)
The pictures Рthere are six new ones Рshow Audrey as Ir̬ne together with Gad Elmaleh as Jean and are in high quality. You might get a tiny little bit spoiled by this picture, but okay, everyone know that Hors de Prix is gonna be a romantic movie ;) Thanks to Mihail for the hint!
Firstly, I need to apologize for having forgotten to update the Picture of the Month – I was really busy and totally forgot about it! However, today I updated it and now you have 14 days left to vote for the POTM November ;)
Secondly, I have some eyecandy for you: there are three new photos from an Unknown Photoshoot in the gallery now that seem to have been taken at this year’s Cannes Festival. Audrey looks absolutely belle on them, so check them out! Thanks to Aline for the heads-up :)
Hello everyone! I am back from my trip to Paris and I’m sorry that it took a little longer to update again. However, today I have some very very nice video interviews for you!
The first interview you should download is from 2004. It shows Audrey together with Cédric Klapisch (the director of both The Spanish Apartment and The Russian Dolls) who is interviewing her. This interview is absolutely great, it is different than normal ones because you got Audrey and Cédric here who interview each other and that is a lot more interesting!
And secondly, there is a new interview from 2005 which also features Audrey and Cédric. It is an excerpt of a The Russian Dolls Special that SODA once featured. Enjoy!
Again there is some gossip on Audrey’s private life: the French tabloid Voici has published an article and some photos in their latest issue that assumes that Audrey has a new boyfriend, the French singer Mathieu Chedid. Back in June, the tabloid had reported that Audrey had spent her vacation on Corsica together with a man named Jean-Paul.

To everyone living in France: If anyone could get that issue (n° 985) and scan it for me, I would be very very thankful! Unfortunately, it’s this week’s issue, so the last chance to buy it is today… if you can contribute, just mail me :)

Oh, and please notice: The site won’t be updated for a week since I go on a field excursion to Paris tonight for some days :)