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Thanks to a hint I got to know that Audrey seems to be in Chile at the moment. “Chile?!” you might ask now. Well, she is accompanying her boyfriend Mathieu Chedid who teamed up with a local singer, Adán Jodorowsky aka Adanowsky, for a concert on Wednesday. It was Adanowsky’s very first concert and Chedid did two songs with him on stage.
If you wanna see Audrey being Chedid’s most excited fan, have a look at the five pictures (thanks Cath for the addional three pics!) in the gallery :)
With Ensemble, c’est tout being released in France, Audrey did a lot of promotion lately and therefore I have two new AMAZING videos for you today! You gonna love ‘em…
First of all, check out this interview with Audrey and her (cute) co-star Guillaume Canet during the news show of the French TV channel TF1. I went the time and effort to record and cut and merge it and everything, but finally here it is available for you! It not only contains a very nice interview with the two, but also some scenes from the movie. Then – thanks to supercat – I have a clip from Canal Plus for you: Audrey was on one of their shows and you can watch her 12 minute appearance in this clip. Very cool! Oh, and if you missed yesterday’s update don’t forget to have a look at Audrey on LCI.
Today is the French premiere of Audrey’s new movie Ensemble, c’est tout and therefore I got some huuuuuge update for you today :)
First of all I have some hi-res scans of the French magazine CinéLive for you, thanks to the wonderful Cassie. The article features an interview with Audrey and her co-star Guillaume Canet and is very very nice! Then – as promised – you should check out the pictures taken at the Paris Premiere of ECT on which Audrey looks stunning! And last but not least you need to check out a new video clip of Audrey behind the scenes of “Ca donne envie avec Nikos” which will air on Friday on the French channel LCI. Enjoy!
The official site for Audrey’s upcoming movie Ensemble, c’est tout is finally online! YAY for that. It’s nothing special, but definitely worth a look. I took some hi-res website caps for you that you can find here. Besides, you can find the hi-res poster of the movie here – until now only the small version of the poster had been available.
By the way, the premiere of Ensemble, c’est tout took place two days ago in Paris, on March 12. The next update should feature some very nice pics of that event :) Stay tuned!
I guess Audrey never did such a bold photoshoot as in the March 2007 issue of “Optimum” – probably one of the most amazing photoshoots ever that she did! You can now see them in the gallery where I uploaded all four scans of the magazine! Enjoy :)
Thanks to Catherinec I learned about an exibition that is currently taking place in Paris at the “Le Bon Marché-Rive Gauche”. It started on February 24 and will be open until March 31 showing wonderful portraits of various celebrities that photographed themselves. One of them is Audrey and you can find her absolutely stunning photo in the gallery or at the official website of the exibition.
You guys gonna LOVE the new pics I uploaded to the gallery! There are a bunch of new pictures from the EuroStar event that took place back in May 2006, both of London and of Cannes. Audrey looks simply stunning, no wonder you all voted for these pictures as the POTM March!
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