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Things have been relatively quiet around Audrey this past weeks. So the “lack” of updates doesn’t mean the site is on a semi-hiatus or something, but simply that a) I am incredibly busy and b) Audrey is staying out of the press at the moment :) Nevertheless, here are two scans donated by Mirik from the Russian issues of Glamour (March 2007) and Elle (May 2007)!


Hello everyone! Just a little update to let you know that there have been some changes over at the Audrey Tautou Boards – it has a COMPLETELY NEW layout! I’d be happy if all of you who haven’t joined will join now and participate! We might be over 400 users, but there’s only a bunch who actually take part in the discussions. So why are you so shy? ATB is a great place to be ^^


Thanks to Catherine I learned that Audrey was in Spain on June 4 to promote her movie Hors de Prix at Madrid! Her co-star Gad Elmaleh didn’t show up, so Audrey was the star of the evening. She looked absolutely fantastic as you can see on the photos that I uploaded for you (some of which are HQ!).

I also got a great extra for the Spanish speaking fans: a video interview in which Audrey talks about HDP and also about how it was like to work for DVC in the United States. Watch it! :)


June 1st – it’s time for the new POTM! The majority of you wanted the photoshoot pictures by Jeff Minton and so here they are! Audrey looks absolutely stunning on them :)

As for news on Audrey, everything is rather quiet at the moment. But I am sure that we will sooner or later hear more about her new project which I am very excited about. Stay tuned!