Archive for September, 2007

You gotta love today’s update (and the next two to come) because I finally made it to upload 20 out of more than 60 FANTASTIC photoshoot images taken by Ralph Wenig. It’s probably one of the best photoshoots ever taken of Audrey; she looks so pretty! A big thank you for these pics goes to Cassie! :)


Hello fellow Audrey fans! Finally, the site is fully BACK again! As some of you might already have noticed, that also means that the B O A R D S are back online :) Some of you were really keen on having the boards back, so I hope that there will be new discussions and new life! Feel free to register if you haven’t done so yet.


As for today’s update, you will find some new pics in the gallery that the majority of you wanted to be uploaded: they date back to May 2001 when Audrey received the Trophée Chopard as Revelation of the Year. Enjoy!