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Thanks to the wonderful Elaine, I finally have caps of Audrey’s movie “Hors de Prix” for you! The caps are really nice and have a pretty good quality – and Audrey looks simply amazing, as usual. You can view the first 50 caps here!


The US poster for Audrey’s movie “Hors de Prix” aka “Priceless” has been published! I uploaded it to the gallery and I think that they did quite a nice job. Audrey looks fantastic on that picture and the tagline isn’t too bad either (“She only dated men with money… until she met a man with heart”)- what do you think? Do you like the poster? Thanks goes to IONcinema for the heads-up! :)

All fans from the US should mark their calendars on March 28, 2008 – it’s the release date of “Priceless” (not April 5, as previously announced).

Several new hi-res pictures have been uploaded to the gallery :) The majority of you wanted the Cannes headshots to be added to the gallery, so here you go! For the time being this will be the last POTM vote (or picture of the season vote). I just haven’t got that much material left to make you vote for ;) Anyway, enjoy the new pictures in the gallery, Audrey looks simply stunning!