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Not only do we have pictures of Audrey’s appearance at the French Film Days in Budapest, there’s also a video available now! It’s a clip from an Hungarian TV show that features some video footage of Audrey giving an interview at the festival. Head over to the interview section and have a look at it! Or just download the interview directly by clicking on the image below!

On April 18, Audrey visited the 12th annual French Film Days in Budapest, Hungary, in order to promote Ensemble, c’est tout which will be released on April 24 there. On the pictures you can see Audrey in front of the Buda Castle – do you agree, doesn’t she look incredibly pretty? I love the hairdo :) The gentleman next to Audrey is the French film-producer Pierre Grunstein, by the way.

A huge thank you goes to Catherine for the heads-up, as well as to Kate and Mel who also contributed. Thanks a lot!

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Hello everyone! I’m very sorry for the lack of updates, but life is keeping me very busy ;) Anyways, I decided to put the site on a little semi-hiatus, which doesn’t mean though that there won’t be any updates. I will try to update here and then, but not that regularly. Besides, I am trying to get hold of the spam that’s recently been flooding the gallery, it’s crazy! Anyway, stay tuned! :)