Archive for July, 2008 has published a very nice interview/article on Audrey today which I recommend to everyone. Audrey not only talks about “Priceless” aka “Hors de Prix”, but also about her femininity, fashion and about conquering Hollywood. To read the full article, go HERE. Enjoy!

Hey there, everybody! Sorry for the long lack of updates, but studying at university kinda keeps you busy ;) Anyway, you should definitely check out the bunch of new promotional pictures for “Ensemble, c’est tout” over at the gallery. They show Audrey and her co-stars Guillaume Canet, Laurent Stocker and Fran├žoise Bertin and are really nice! What a fantastic cast!
By the way, Audrey should now probably be working on “Coco avant Chanel” since production is supposed to start in summer. I’ll keep you posted!