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Hey guys!  Audrey was in the November 2008 issue of French Elle and I have some scans here for you.  I’m going to try to buy the magazine and get them better quality but for now this is all I have!

LONDON – Chanel, the French fashion house, is approaching digital network agencies with a global brief for its perfume Chanel No 5.

Chanel will continue to handle all its creative work in-house at the company’s headquarters in Paris.

However, it is seeking a digital agency to help it roll the work out online across multiple markets.

The perfume brand is due to launch a high-profile global ad campaign next year, starring the new face of Chanel, the Amélie and Priceless actress Audrey Tautou.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who previously directed Tautou in two films, Amélie and A Very Long Engagement, will direct the new ad, which is set to air in early 2009.

Tautou replaces the Australian actress Nicole Kidman, who in 2004 starred in an £18 million, two-minute ad for the perfume, directed by the Moulin Rouge director, Baz Luhrmann.

The ad, which saw Kidman pursued by paparazzi and kissing a mystery man, was billed as the most expensive ad ever made.


Fashion and film lovers have been given a sneak peak into Audrey Tautou’s portrayal of iconic French fashion designer Coco Chanel.

Filming is currently underway in France for the biopic of her life titled Coco Avant Chanel, directed by Anne Fontaine. It is loosely based on L’irreguliere, a biography of the designer by Edmonde Charles-Roux.

Roadshow Films and Warner Bros. Pictures today released the first image from the production, which is being filmed in the Paris and Normandy regions.

The film is expected to be released in Australia in autumn 2009.

It will focus on the early years of the self-taught designer, who rose from humble beginnings to the top of the international fashion ladder.

“Any woman who wants to invent a destiny for herself can identify with the early years of Coco Chanel, a young uneducated woman who dreams of entering the world while exacerbating her differences and ignoring everything of the extraordinary destiny awaiting her,” Tautou said in a statement.

“That’s what makes the whole modernity of the film, and that was the reason why I didn’t hesitate a single second when the role was offered to me.”

The film’s costumes will be designed by Catherine Leterrier. Also acting in the production are Benoit Poelvoorde, Emmanuelle Devos, Marie Gillain and Alessandro Nivola.

Earlier this year Tautou, who gained critical acclaim for her role in Amelie, was named as the new face of Chanel No 5, replacing Nicole Kidman.