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Audrey Tauto, who plays Coco Chanel in new movie ‘Coco Before Chanel’, says she is a huge fan of the designer’s work and has always worn her clothes.
Audrey Tauto, who plays Coco Chanel in new movie 'Coco Before Chanel', says she is a huge fan of the designer's work and has always worn her clothes.
Audrey Tautou has always worn Chanel.The French actress – who plays legendary designer Coco Chanel in new movie ‘Coco Before Chanel’ – is a fan of her clothes and believes they are wardrobe classics.She said: ‘Did I own any Chanel clothes before? I’m a French actress. Of course, I did! I had a few jackets, dresses, shoes and a favourite leather jacket that I wear all the time!’Audrey added she was disappointed she didn’t get to keep the clothes she wore for the film.She explained to Britain’s Grazia magazine: ‘I’d have loved to keep some of the clothes from the movie too – especially the little green riding jacket and hat that she wears in one scene. But all the clothes are going to the Chanel museum, which is where they belong, of course.’Audrey added she put pressure on herself while shooting the movie as she became convinced the legendary designer was watching her.She said: ‘I wondered if she was looking down on me. I was thinking, ‘Be confident. Be strong. Be the boss. Just like Coco herself and whatever you do don’t screw up.’ ‘
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Hey everyone!  I know I’ve been horrible about updating this site lately and for that I apologize.  I’m going to have a new layout and some other things added to the site pretty soon so stay tuned for that.  I just added some images from Audrey at the “Coco Avant Chanel” Madrid premeire and VIP Screening to the gallery that took place in May that I apparently forgot to add so enjoy those!  Audrey looks beautiful in yellow.

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London, England (BANG) – Audrey Tautou wanted to study monkeys. The “Coco Before Chanel” star admits acting was never her ambition until she reached her late teens and started to enjoy socializing.

She said: “I didn’t plan to become an actress. I had no clue fame would land on me. As a child, I wanted to study monkeys but I changed my mind with the onset of hormones and suddenly I was a teenager and I found partying more interesting than nature and got into art and theater and movies.”

Audrey mainly works in her native France because she prefers the anonymity it gives her compared with life in America.

She explained to Britain’s Independent newspaper: “I like working once in a while in Hollywood because it’s like a holiday but I am happy in France doing what I do.”

“I am happy with my life, I have enough money, I like to be myself. I like to dance when I am drunk and have a good time. I don’t go out much. I stay with my friends. This is what I like.”

source:  allheadlinenews.com

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