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Finally something really new!
Thanks to Kspin, we have three new pics from the last Audrey’s movie (it was called Soins Complets, now the name is changed).
Enjoy them!

PS Just an info, I don’t like the gossip, so I will not post news about Audrey very private life.

After some time, a new update.
I’ve found some new old pics most of them really rare.
Waiting for some news from Audrey her for you the pics!
003 x 25th Cesar Awards Ceremony, February 19th 2000
005 x “Amélie” Premiere in Paris, May 24th 2001
002 x Trophée Chopard “Revelation of the Year” Award, May 19th 2001
006 x 27th Cesar Awards, March 2nd 2002
003 x “L’Auberge espagnole” Premiere in Paris, June 18th 2002
002 x Chanel Prêt-à-Porter Spring-Summer Collection 2004 Fashion Show, October 10th 2003
005 x “Pas sr la bouche” Premiere in Paris, November 24th 2004
004 x Soiree “Autoportraits de mode”, February 28th 2007

There aren’t much news about Audrey in the last months, anyway, seems that Soins Complets (Full Treatment) is in post production and will be released on 22nd December!
I hope to find more news soon!