Paris Match – “Audrey Tautou is in love with M”

The fabulous encounter of the heroine of “Amélie” and the angel of pop music

They were destined to meet each other. She is elfish, funny and no diva at all, despite the international consecration of “The Da Vinci Code”. He is the little genius of French pop music who has created the role of M, semi poet semi hero to become Matthieu Chedid again when the spotlights are turned off. He collects victories in the music business and he will be part of “Soldat Rose”, the next musical comedy of his father Louis. He loved “Amélie”, the movie that made Audrey known: “I recognized myself in that young woman who seeded happiness. Since this summer, he has been blessed with real happiness. Each of them had their love affairs – Matthieu is the father of the little Billie, 4 – but together they form a really nice little community.

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