Voici – Chile, I love you, Chile I adore you!

She loves to be en route, he follows her wherever she goes. Now they have gone to South America. To rediscover themselves better…

In order to test the durability of a relationship, what’s more dangerous than spending the holidays together? Far away from home, together 24 hours a day and no possibility of escaping and going back to one’s own place. The only thing to do: be patient. Knowing the risks of such a journey, Audrey Tautou and M. nevertheless dared to meet the challenge […] For the first enamored getaway after a couple of months of romantic idyll, the “bankable” actress of French cinema who is very successful with Ensemble, c’est tout at the moment and the collector of victories in the music business have chosen Chile.
And if Mathieu first thought that he could benefit from the journey to relax after months of working, he obviously didn’t count on the desiderata of Miss Tautou. Because with Audrey, holidays are not about that. Pretending to be tourists is what Amélie Poulain likes. And the singer didn’t have any other choice than to follow the rhythm. Did he really expect such a travel? No time to ask that question. Being a devotee of sweet idleness, he could chill out in the sun on the terrace of a restaurant of Valparaiso. But the break would be short. In fact, Audrey who is a real runaway, prefered to take her boyfriend to the sinuous coasts until Zapallar, armed with her backpacker’s guide and her camera. In Zapallar the couple swayed through the picturesque lanes hand in hand. And Audrey who loves to adopt the local culture found a way to test her rudiments of Spanish under the impressed look of her “machistador”. Because what’s most important ultimately, at some far place in the world or at home, is to be together. That’s all.

© 2007 Voici

Translated by Manila for Audrey-Tautou.org

Scans belong to Audrey-Tautou.org (thanks Cassie!)